The Top 8 Things To Expect During Your Herniated Disc Surgery Recovery

As with all surgeries, there is some recovery time after having herniated disc surgery. However, if you have a minimally invasive surgery such as laser spine surgery, that recovery time can be quite short and comfortable. The top 8 things you should expect during your herniated disc surgery recovery include:

  1. Pain relief. With laser spine surgery, many patients experience pain relief as the procedure is being performed. With proper pain management, your recovery period shouldn't be painful, even in the beginning.
  2. A few slow days. The first couple of days after surgery are the most uncomfortable, and you won't feel up to much for at least a day or two.
  3. Steady improvement. Although there will be a few days where your activity is more limited, you can expect to feel progressively better each day after surgery.
  4. Physical therapy. Your doctor will probably recommend that you go through physical therapy to promote good posture and back strength. Even if you don't do formal physical therapy, you'll be recommended to practice some at-home exercises.
  5. Follow-up appointments. You'll meet with your doctor at least once after surgery to remove your sutures and monitor your progress.
  6. Time away from work. Patients who have laser spine surgery can expect about a week away from work, as opposed to about 6 weeks for traditional spine surgery.
  7. Time away from physically strenuous activities. You'll probably spend about 6 weeks away from physically strenuous activities like weight-lifting. Your doctor will help determine which activities are appropriate during each phase of the recovery period.
  8. Self-care at home after surgery. Taking care of yourself is the key to a speedy, comfortable recovery. Getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and becoming active soon after surgery all make the process smoother. In addition, your doctor will educate you about warning signs of serious complications to be on the lookout for.

When you know what to expect during your herniated disc surgery recovery, you're better able to prepare for each part of the process. To learn more about whether herniated disc surgery is right for you, please click below and enter your information or call the Datta Endoscopic Back Surgery and Pain Center at  347-380-9138.

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