Robotic Spine Surgery

Dr. Sukdeb Datta is one of the first surgeons in the US who is currently using a groundbreaking surgical robot called the Excelsius GPS. It’s no surprise why Globus Medical, the manufacturers of Excelsius GPS, chose Dr. Datta to be one of the first users to implement their machines in his practice. He’s one of the nation’s leading authorities on back surgery and owner of Datta Endoscopic which is headquartered right in the heart of Manhattan, with over eight additional locations throughout New Jersey and New York. If anyone has the medical expertise to handle this machine, it’s Dr. Datta.

Dr. Datta has embraced this innovative technology as part of his commitment in providing patients with minimally invasive, low recovery time surgeries. His first breakthrough in this space was with eDisk Sculpt™, a trademarked technique invented by Dr. Datta that allows patients to recover within hours and experience fewer side effects post-surgery. “We are not the conventional medical practice with big back incisions and long recovery times, we are specializing in minimally invasive pin hole surgeries.” Dr. Datta told NY Business Journal. “The robot allows us to do things much more precisely, it cuts down the time, size, and recovery rate”

The technology works through a robotic navigation system that combines a rigid robotic arm and full navigation capabilities into one adaptable platform for accurate alignment in spine surgery. It’s more precise, it reduces recovery time by more than half, and it’s minimally invasive – producing an incision that’s less than a quarter of an inch. As the robot’s name suggests, the procedure involves a GPS-like navigation system that allows Dr. Datta to operate from the sidelines by conducting the robot through the machine’s control center. The robotic arm performs the surgery as Dr. Datta maintains access and visualization. “The robot is like the GPS and we are like the wheel.” Says Dr. Datta. “because it is a robot and not a human hand, some of the benefits are that there is no shakiness, the incision can be much smaller, it is more precise, and as a result recovery time and infections are substantially diminished”

Dr. Datta says his patients are already seeing a big improvement in surgery. “There are many satisfied patients coming from all around the world.” Dr. Datta said. One patient, a professional football player, traveled across the country for surgery and is now back on the field.
Dr. Datta believes this technology will revolutionize the way back surgeries are done. “This technology is evolving and this will become an essential tool in the future to spine surgeons.” Dr. Datta told NY Business Journal “Just like artificial intelligence has changed the way of the world, these robots will change the way surgery works too.” Dr. Datta hinted at the possibility of artificial intelligence being incorporated in the machines in the future, but for now the technical aspects of surgery are conducted by Dr. Datta with the steadiness, precision, and advanced navigational capacities of the robot.


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