Average Laser Spine Surgery Cost

Laser spine surgery is one of the most effective, cutting-edge procedures for treating spine pain. Although the procedure is at the forefront of medical advances, that does not necessarily correlate to being unaffordable. Your insurance should cover laser spine surgery if it is recommended by your doctor, and in many ways laser spine surgery is can be more affordable than traditional spine surgery.

Factors Influencing Cost

Apart from unavoidable costs like operating room fees, pre- and post-operative appointments, and  medication, a number of factors influence the exact cost of laser spine surgery, including:

  • Local cost of living
  • Condition being treated
  • Whether or not any complicating medical conditions exist
  • The office's dedication to minimizing costs


The biggest factor influencing the average laser spine surgery cost is your insurance coverage. Patients' insurance plans vary widely - some patients have no deductible at all, some have an unusually high one, while most have something in the middle. It is hard to give an exact estimate without looking at a patient's particular situation and their insurance coverage, but most people pay between several hundred and several thousand dollars for their portion of laser spine surgery and the related expenses.

For those who are concerned about being able to meet their deductible, some offices offer payment plans. In addition, third-party financing is available. Both of these options allow you to spread the cost of the surgery over a longer period of time.

At the Datta Endoscopic Back Surgery and Pain Center, we accept most major insurance carriers, including Aetna, Cigna, and QualCare. We are dedicated to providing care to as many patients as possible, and to making care as affordable as possible for those patients by keeping laser spine surgery cost as low as possible.

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