Cervical Disc Bulge c5 c6

Disc bulges are a common spine condition that occur when one of the spine's discs become misshapen, bulging in one or more locations. A disc bulge can occur anywhere in the spine, but certain locations are more likely than others. For example, most people get disc bulges in the lumbar spine, which is relatively less serious than a bulge elsewhere on the spine. Less common than that are disc bulges in the neck, or cervical spine. A disc bulge c5 c6 occurs between the 5th and 6th vertebrae in the neck, and is one of the most common locations for a cervical disc bulge. 


Disc bulges cause symptoms by pressing against the spinal cord or nerve roots. The nerves that reside in the neck travel all over the body, to the core, the arms, and the legs. As a result, symptoms like pain, numbness, and muscle weakness can occur almost anywhere in the body if you have a cervical disc bulge c5 c6

Because the symptoms of a bulging disc can mirror those of other spine conditions, only a doctor can tell you what the exact cause of your symptoms is. 


If symptoms are progressive or severe, your doctor will need to take a very aggressive approach to treatment, and surgery will be on the table much earlier than it would otherwise be. On the other hand, if your symptoms are mild to moderate, your doctor will most likely recommend non-surgical options as the first and most preferable course of treatment. Options include: 
  • Medication 
  • Epidural steroid injections 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Chiropractic treatment 
  • Lifestyle changes like weight loss or regular exercise 
With proper treatment, most people with bulging discs are able to make a full recovery and return to all of their normal activities. To get started on the road to recovery, please schedule a consultation with the Datta Endoscopic Back Surgery and Pain Center by clicking below or calling (646) 347-1799. 

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