Frequently Asked Questions: Is the eDisc Sculpt procedure covered by my insurance?

eDiscSculptTM surgery is different from open surgery. Open spine surgery is the more traditional procedure; it is highly invasive and has a significant recovery time.  eDiscSculptTM surgery is a less invasive procedure with a shorter recovery time and a lower risk of certain complications. In some cases, the fact that  eDiscSculptTM surgery is minimally invasive may lead to lower costs. However, factors that include the cost of surgery and the patient's portion of that course is complex to determine. In most cases, where the  eDiscSculptTM surgery is identified as a medically necessary procedure, insurance should cover the cost. The exact degree of coverage will depend on the specifics of your insurance plan, such as your co-pay and deductible.

Insurance Coverage

Most people are able to manage their portion of the cost of back surgery without major trouble. If you are not able to pay your out-of-pocket costs immediately, you have several options. You can ask your doctor whether or not he or she offers payment plans, and you can also look into third-party financing options.

No Insurance Coverage

If for some reason you did not have insurance coverage, you doctor will be able to offer you a single “package” price for coverage of the surgery.  You will have several options to manage these costs which includes  extended payment plans and also arrangements with third-party financing options that will allow you to have your laser back surgery at a reasonable cost. The total cost of the surgery will include cost of the surgical facility (also called the facility fee) , the surgeon fees  (also called the professional fee), fee for providing monitoring of the nerves to prevent nerve injury (neuromonitoring fees) as well as cost  for providing anesthesia services (also called anesthesia fees).

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Disclaimer: Individual spine condition, treatment and recovery times may vary.  Each patient experience with minimally invasive spine surgery will differ.  Any procedure involves some level of risk.  If directed to pursue surgery by your physician, prompt action is advised as waiting may decrease efficacy of this surgical treatment. The blog  is for informational purposes only and should not take the place of a qualified medical practitioner.

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