Eat Healthy? It's Easier Than You Think

Here at Datta Endoscopic, we care about your overall health, including your diet. A healthy diet can change your lifestyle and ease pain to your body. It is difficult, but easier than you think. 

There are two reasons why eating healthy is difficult:
First is the fact that we have to eat to live. Second is the fact that there are so many foods that taste delicious and readily available access or are easier to prep but are not so good for your body.

Here are the basics:
You can gauge your eating habits by a number of ways including calories, macronutrients, which are fats, carbohydrates and protein, or the types of foods, meaning a choice between grains, nuts, fruits, veggies, dairy products, meats and sweets, to name a few.
So, if we are keeping it simple, here are some wise food choices:

  • All Fruits - High Fiber Foods
  • All Vegetables - Lots of Water
  • Nuts in Moderation - Low Sodium Food
  • Lean Meats (Fish, Turkey, Chicken)
  • Beans in moderation
  • Low Fat Dairy Products - Whole Wheat Grains
  • Sweet Potatoes

Simple Right? Well, here are some eating choices and habits that should be avoided:

  • Fried, breaded, battered or bleached food - Fast Food
  • High Saturated Fat Foods - Gluten
  • All Processed Foods 
  • Any Food with High Fructose Corn Syrup

My advice is to first make a few simple changes to your eating habits and build from these. Start with adding more fruit to your diet. Everyone has certain types of food that they crave, certain types that they enjoy, dislike, make them full or never seem to satisfy their hunger. This is why I say you need to find a "diet" that works for you. Even if you don't need to lose weight or if you're looking to lose 100lbs, counting calories is a good first plan of attack.
Many studies have shown that consuming fewer calories over a lifespan can increase longevity. All this requires is for you to read food labels. In addition, start taking a look at how much fat, carbs, and protein you're consuming. Keep a journal!

We want to keep it simple. See if this works out for you. You won't have to do this forever either, just until you get an idea of approximate calories for foods. 

Try it out. 

Thanks for reading!


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