Do I Need Spine Surgery NYC

Back pain is one of the most common problems for adults in America today. All of us at some point will experience some back pain, but for many of us, that back pain is fleeting and temporary. Rest and over the counter pain medications offer sufficient relief, in these cases.There may come a time, however, when back pain becomes permanent and debilitating; in that case, spine surgery NYC may be necessary. Today, laser techniques have made back surgery much less invasive and painful than so-called "open back surgery", with shorter recovery times and no hospital stays. Therefore, considering surgery is much less daunting than it used to be. What should you and your doctor be looking for to determine whether or not you need spine surgery?
  • You can clearly see that you have a herniated disc on an MRI

It's very common to have a herniated disc or other condition whereby the spinal nerves are being compressed. This can cause severe pain and numbness. Fortunately, spine surgery NYC can take care of herniated discs quickly and easily; if done via laser technology, the surgery can often be done in a minimally invasive fashion, such that patients can have surgery and go home the same day.

  • You have osteoarthritis of the spine, perhaps with spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition where the spinal "tube" formed by the vertebrae becomes narrow and begins compressing the nerves and/or spinal cord. Older people often get this condition, with approximately 9% people over the age of 70 experiencing it. Most often, spinal stenosis occurs because of osteoarthritis, whereby bony spurs are formed; younger people can have this condition as well, if they are very active and have experienced injury, such that the body has tried to "repair" injuries with these calcifications. Regardless of how the osteoarthritis and bone spurs have occurred, however, spine surgery NYC can take care of the pain and suffering caused by it.

  • Other nonsurgical options have not offered significant pain relief

When pain is mild or transient, nonsurgical options like over the counter (OTC) pain medications can help alleviate pain without surgical intervention. However, for many patients, these measures offer only mild relief, and they have their own risks.

  • Nonsurgical options like OTC pain medications become increasingly risky

OTC pain medications are generally considered safe and effective for mild to moderate pain that is not chronic. However, patients with painful back conditions like spinal stenosis or herniated discs usually receive only temporary and relatively ineffective relief from these medications. In addition, their use over the long term can pose significant risks, such as bleeding propensities or liver damage. Even other pain interventions, like receiving medication shots into the spine, have risks and offer only temporary relief.

Spine surgery NYC can be a permanent solution for back pain

Fortunately, spinal surgery NYC can be a permanent solution this kind of back pain. Even better, if it's done with the newest in laser technologies, your surgery can often be performed through small surgical incisions, sometimes even using just local anesthesia. Laser spine surgery is much less invasive than traditional spine surgery, because the laser becomes the scalpel. There is much less bleeding with this type of surgery, and surrounding tissues are not injured. There are still risks, of course, but many fewer than with traditional back surgery. If you're in the New York City area, consider visiting the Datta Endoscopic Back Surgery & Pain Center. Medical Director Dr. Sukdeb Datta MD, DABPM, FIPP, DABIPP is an expert in this field, with an extensive background in pain management and relief and a specific focus on the spine.

Imagine: If you've been suffering from back pain such as that caused by pinch nerves, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, or osteoarthritis for years and haven't gotten permanent relief from any other measures, laser spine surgery NYC can give you that relief without the invasiveness offered by traditional back surgery.

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