5 Lifestyle Changes to Help with Continuous Back Pain

Back pain can come as a result of injury and age. Either way, the discomfort that comes with continuous back pain is truly the worst.
Instead of going through countless bottles and kinds of pain medication, you may be able to improve your back by changing the way you live.
Here’s 5 ways.
1. No more french fries
Because inflammation is the core cause of chronic pain, eating foods that are high in sugar, flour and those that are processed only adds to inflammation and pain.
To help minimize the pain, unfortunately you have to turn away from the fatty high-calorie low-nutrition meals we all enjoy, and instead turn to foods high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
Here’s some stuff you can add to your diet: A variety of colors in veggies and fruits, beans, lean-protein and healthy fats like nuts avocado, and salmon. Try cooking your dinner in olive oil & coconut oil. Stay away from processed foods, which are high in pro-inflammatory sugars.

2. Sleep tight, every night.
Sleep is the body healer. If you don’t get enough sleep, pain tolerance decreases while stress hormones and pain increase.
Set an alarm when you should be heading to bed and keep a consistent sleeping pattern. If you have trouble going to sleep because your mind is always active, try meditating before bed for 10-30 minutes. This calms your thoughts. Supplements such as melatonin can also aid in sleeping.

3. Calm down
When there is pain in your body it triggers the release of stress hormones which tighten your muscles. Blood flow is reduced which minimizes the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body further triggering pain.
It’s easier said than done, but de-stressing is necessary. Learn to manage your stress, not necessarily avoid it. Try meditation, train your mind to react differently when things go wrong. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an excellent tool and can change the way you perceive stress. Meditation can help to reduce anxiety and overall reduce pain.

4. Workout
Don’t sit still as your body is telling you to. Move around and stay active. Don’t jump into squatting 100lbs if you have a bad back but, try yoga, pilates, walking or biking around your neighborhood. Take a swimming aerobics class. The options for low intensity exercises are endless.
5. Meet with Dr. Datta
If you’re having back pain Dr. Sukdeb Datta of Datta Endoscopic Back Surgery & Pain Center is a highly regarded and widely published specialist in the fields of pain management and spine care. In 2016, Dr. Datta was once again selected for Super Doctors of New York, a listing of outstanding physicians from more than 40 medical specialties who have attained a high degree of peer recognition or professional achievement.
Dr Datta offers a wide array of services from acupuncture to Endoscopic Spine Surgery. An appointment with Dr. Datta will put you in the right place to identify the issue and solution to eliminate pain and have your back solid, again.


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